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Food for thought

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Food for thought


So will PN become the next to offer a scheme like this or will they wait for Talk Talk to bring it out ?

The scheme will encourage people to stick around by giving them more free stuff the longer they do stay

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Re: Food for thought

Doesn't the  PN business plan work the other way round and give the freebies to new customers whilst ignoring loyal customers unless they threaten to leave?

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Re: Food for thought

When I was a Sky customer, all the "free upgrades"  Smileywould cost me money in the long-term for things, I didn't really want.Angry but... if you want them, you might be happy to pay extra? Undecided

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Re: Food for thought

you don't get anything for free.
you'll pay for it in the end.
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Re: Food for thought

Ah, my pet bugbear. 

Why do companies spend so much money advertising for new customers?

If successful they often are ill prepared to meet the needs of all the newbies, and the customers who have been supporters and champions of the company suffer a degraded performance due to the lack of investment to meet the needs of the increased subscriber base. This prompts them to leave, chasing quality service. The company then has to advertise more, chasing more customers in order to try to avoid making redundant the additional staff employed to service the needs of those customers who have departed.

This is a ever increasing spiral involving expenditure against declining quality and a generally reducing customer base.

It is not hard to see that quality service means that customers are happy. Happy customers generally recommend  friends and family, increasing customer base for free. An unhappy customer tends to make friends and family aware of problems and standards thereby negating some of the effects of advertising.