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Fibre Install: 2 Months old and still fairly awesome

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Fibre Install: 2 Months old and still fairly awesome

Well, I technically had my FTTC installed in july and planned to write this. And then got distracted by something i dont even remember. So yeah.
Plusnet handled it awesomely, especially with the weird tickets randomly showing up in my account from placing the order to the bloke coming around and sticking some wires in and the SSFP.
Openreach was pretty awesome too, the guy who came was actually impressed (and not offended) that someone third hes age knew how everything went and how to install everything. The guy even asked me to come along to the actual PCP to show me how everythings connected in the cab and how the fibre is fed from the exchange and all that. My uncle (who came along) was baffed as to how I knew everything :L.
So fibre working perfectly, dont really care its at 50meg anymore, and I managed to get some work experience with openreach fibre install lot (plus the offer of an apprentiship if I wanted it)
So cheers Plusnet, fibre working, got something to put on my CV and an advantage if I want to work with openreach later in the future  Grin
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre Install: 2 Months old and still fairly awesome

Thanks for taking the time to post about that and all the best for the future if that's the path you intend to take. Smiley
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