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Feedback on joining

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Feedback on joining

Just some feedback on my experience of joining PN so far so it can be passed on to improve service Smiley

Positive: I received both email and text about the activation of my account, and an update on router being ordered.

Very tiny niggle: The phrasing 'due to become active by midnight on 5/8/2021' was a tiny bit ambiguous for me but take that with a pinch of salt as I have some comprehension issues most people probably don't: I was unsure whether it meant by midnight beginning the 5th, or ending - using 23:59 would prevent that. I took it to mean the end of the 5th and waited to phone about activation until today.

Communication issue: A logical inconsistency followed when my welcome letter and text both said I'd be texted when service was ready, but this did not happen. I phoned today and spoke to "Akhar (sp?) from Leeds". He positively attempted clear communication but told me it was due to my opting out of contact by text. Perhaps he was looking at marketing preferences? I was also told the service had gone live about 20 minutes ago but when I got online I found an email telling me it happened the day before at that time - easy mistake to make but attention to detail is important. 

Service all working great without issues.
Very good effort so far; just a little bit of consistency-change required about communication methods and explanation for newbs. Perhaps it would be optimal to always text new customers, certainly this isn't the first time a former ISP has left me in the dark ages during a switch Cheesy x