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Feedback from a long-suffering customer

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Feedback from a long-suffering customer

Plusnet customer service is dreadful. Plusnet's prices may seem attractive but the quoted prices do not reflect the true cost of being a Plusnet customer. 

I had problems with my router and Plusnet were rude and unhelpful. I contacted the managing director and he failed to even acknowledge my letter. Contempt for customers is clearly embedded in the company culture.

While I was not committed to a contract, billing seemed just about satisfactory although Plusnet certainly focuses its attention on making its account pages as impenetrable and badly designed as possible. Customer communication is not a priority and its staff clearly don't understand how bills are calculated or how to put them right.

To my everlasting regret, and against my better judgement, I was recently inveigled into signing up to a broadband contract with the promise of a lower monthly bill. Of course, once in this trap, Plusnet started to bill me for vastly increased sums. I contacted them and they promised a refund as soon as my direct debit payment had cleared. According to the direct debit guarantee, I should have received an immediate refund for the incorrect overpayment. Instead, Plusnet did nothing except close the ticket raised on my account. I am still waiting for a refund over a month later. I have now been billed again with an incorrect, and much higher, monthly amount.

Such is my dissatisfaction that I am trying to find details of the cancellation fees as almost any price seems worth paying to escape them.

I have no way to speak to Plusnet and I hate the fact that I am one of their customers. Plusnet's low standards in respect of billing, communication and account management pages would make any one of the many broadband suppliers a more attractive and better value proposition. And if Plusnet had not tricked me, I would be happily with another supplier now.


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