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Fantastic Customer Service Rep

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Fantastic Customer Service Rep

Shahad in customer service team 6 is a total star and should be made a trainer to show the other "robots" what customer service is all about! He listened to my gripes and positively dealt with them to my satisfaction with no dramas and no more annoyances, this is the type of employee you should be doing everything you can to keep.
Now then, time taken to answer the phone at around 35 minutes is LESS that acceptable, also unacceptable is the attitude of other members of staff and the time it takes for you to sort out simple faults, your overall communication skills leave a lot to be desired as well, I have an open ticket that has been waiting for a reply since Sunday evening!
We will stay, for the moment you have Shahad to thank for this customer retention but I promise you Plusnet my patience is now all gone, shape up or I for one will be shipping out! If I wanted lousy BT service I would sign up for it!
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Fantastic Customer Service Rep

Hi PembsPanther,
Thank you for the positive feedback regarding the agent you spoke to you. I will ensure this is passed on to their manager.
I'm sorry to hear about the long wait time you experienced. We are aware that the wait times are long at times and we are working on lowering them by expanding to the new Leeds centre and hiring new staff. Unfortunately it's not going to be resolved overnight as all the staff need training before they answer the phones and start making an obvious difference. We understand that it can be frustrating waiting on hold, however, this is hopefully going to improve in the near future.
I'm glad to hear you've decided to stay with us and I hope that your experience with Plusnet improves in the future!