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FTTP users - Beware calls from PlusNet 'CSC' Team ...

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FTTP users - Beware calls from PlusNet 'CSC' Team ...

Long story short, if you're on FTTP and get a call from the 'CSC' team promising you a better deal, don't waste your time.



This was the first time in 14 years I had ever been called by PN to try and get me to contract my service at a reduced cost, and at first I was feeling quite chuffed with what I thought was the result of an unsolicited call received today (@15:34 on 8/7/16).


I presently pay £17.49pm for 'Unlimited Fibre' (FTTP 40/20), and initially I was offered to keep the same service level for the sum of £16.49pm if I agreed to an 18 month contract, hardly a golden opportunity, which I declined!  After the 'CSC - CS Escalations' agent had tried various ways of making it sound attractive, i.e.'You'll save £18" (err yes, I know that, I just told you it's only a saving of £1 pm against an 18 month contract), then "Think of it as getting the 18th month free" (strewth!).


I made it clear I wasn't interested in entering an 18 month contract just to save £1pm, but suggested I would be interested if he could offer me 80/20 for the same price I presently pay.  At various times throughout the call I explained I was on FTTP and didn't have my phone with PN and had no intention of moving it to PN.

He said he would have to check with his team leader and put me on hold for a few minutes, after which he came back and said that would be acceptable (more or less), i.e. I could start an 18 month contract for 'Unlimited Fibre Extra' (80/20) at £17.49pm which would rise to £18.49pm from September when the prices for 'solus' product were due to rise by £1pm.  I corrected him that that £1 rise did not apply to the newer fibre products and he had to put me on hold to check with his team leader again.


A couple of minutes later he came back and said I was correct, and I could have the 80/20 product for £17.49pm but this time it had to be a 24 month contract!  After I'd confirmed with him that the £17.49pm was for the whole of the 24 months (with no price increases part way through), and that I didn't have to move my phone service to PN, I agreed to 24 months.


He finished by reading out a load of T&Cs, getting me to agree, then said the confirmation etc. would be entered into a ticket on my account and also emailed to me.  I thanked him and thought that was that.


No such luck!  Sad

About 20 minutes later he called back and said it couldn't be done because I was not able to receive FTTC - after I'd taken pains to explain to him that I was on FTTP not FTTC.

This time he asked me to speak to his team leader who was also confused about certain aspects of price increases and speeds etc. and I had to explain to him that I was on FTTP as opposed to FTTC and could certainly get the speed (and faster) that he was saying I couldn't.


Anyway, after apologies from the team leader when I said that my time had been wasted, the conclusion was that that team cannot process a money saving deal for FTTP (trial) customers, which I suspected all along and was why I kept explaining to the original caller that I was on FTTP.


So two phone calls wasting about half an hour of my afternoon to no advantage.  Angry

Oh well, live and learn I guess. 

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Re: FTTP users - Beware calls from PlusNet 'CSC' Team ...

NOT good service by PN Sad sounds like retraining required

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Re: FTTP users - Beware calls from PlusNet 'CSC' Team ...

Be extra careful if, like many (most?) fttp triallists, your old adsl service was left running. This really confused the CS rep ("are you sure you are on the fttp trial?" Roll_eyes ) and I think he must have started to press random buttons, because later that day I thought things were running a bit slow, and noticed my profile was 2/20. It was fixed almost immediately via the forum reps

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Re: FTTP users - Beware calls from PlusNet 'CSC' Team ...

Just to add that I had a similar experience to the OP.  I got three-four calls on Friday while I was out, then one again on Saturday.  I got offered a couple of deals that I didn't want, then one which appealed to me.  I got the long story of T&Cs, inc a new 24 month contract, then I hoped that was that.  No, I got a call back telling me that there was a problem and I should contact CS.  CS put me through to another department who told me there was no deal on offer.  What a waste of time!


It was mentioned that prices will be going up shortly.. I bet that works just fine.