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FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

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FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

Well, I had my FTTC installed yesterday, going great guns at full speed (boxes are nice and close)..
However, first thing this morning, I was lucky to get 2mb.... Rang PN and they confirmed as expected that the line profile had been transferred from my old line (but they still couldn't work out why it was only 2mb)... No ticket logged as apparently it's an issue for provisioning, and they would resolve.
Received phone call at @9 to inform me that the order had completed, everything was hunky dorey, and that my profile would run at full whack.
Arrived home, to find that I have no access... Check everything, reboot everything - no luck
Delve into router to find that it's sending packets, but receiving none..

Ring PN support to be eventually informed that there were some "odd notes" on my account, and that support were speaking to one of the "fibre specialists" - eventually to be told on a call back at 18:53 - that he was dealing with it, no estimated return to service time, I requested a call back to let me know when it was fixed, given that apparently once again, it doesn't need a support ticket as it's provisioning - and after pushing for an explanation about the notes, it would appear someone somewhere in PN Towers has royally and completely screwed my order on the wholesale system apparently....
I have a sneaking feeling that someone has actually cancelled the service provisioning....
It's now 2 hours later, with not a sound to be heard from PN.
Impressed - I think not...... Roll eyes
What a complete catalogue of royal screwups this has been.... Told I can have FTTC... Orders.... Then told I couldn't have FTTC when I rang to enquire as to why I'd heard nothing, then told (despite me not being an idiot) that even though the boxes are there some 100m and then 500m from my house, a different exchange must serve those, even though the telephone checker tells me I can.......... I gave up in the end on that one... and rang back in the morning to moan, and apparently they mixed my old and new accounts/addresses up... Then confirmed I could have FTTC...
And now this........
I swear to god, if PN add insult to injury and screw my billing up as well, then they'd better stand by...

<Currently attempting to use a 3G dongle, hanging out of the window on an extension cable... naff signal...>
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have f**ked it up royally!

Good luck on this....
Others have had no end of issues with partially cancelled when actually complete orders and the like.  Nothing wrong at PN, just BT's inability to have a properly functioning order system, or indeed the skill/talent/time to fix issues as they occur.  See this thread as an example of what limbo orders can end up like:,96028.0.html
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Oh FFS - Honestly... New FTTC connection royally screwed up....
Cross posted here, as I'm sorely unimpressed - and I'm sure it may get read in this section...
I've since been on the phone to support, to be informed that "Provisioning" go home at 9pm...
I've received no return call, (despite asking for one) and furthermore, I've since been informed that the "Provisioning Man" has added a note saying he'll call me in the morning.....
Spent another hour on the phone from 9.05pm with support - going through stuff like no tommorow (despite knowing it was all rather futile) - Very helpful, and actually had a pair of balls, and told me exactly what my order states (unlike the earlier support rep)
Apparently at 11:22am this morning <After being told my order is complete at around 9.30am by text and a call> , my order is now marked as "Cancelled by Supplier" - This is despite it working fine last night and all day yesterday after the OR engineers visit.
So, nobody thought to tell me that they had magically created problems?  WTF>?
I dislike being told porkies - intensely......  I specifically asked what the problem was earlier - and was NOT told.
I've had a note left on the account stating that I expect a return phone call by 9.30am Thursday (Thats tommorow morning, not in two weeks)
If PN think I'm paying for this level of ineptitude and not receiving a service, that they have agreed to provide - they have another thing coming, as they will also do, should they expect me to wait another week for the service to be re-ordered and re-provisioned, as thats what I'm almost expecting tommorow.
Thats not acceptable - so take it on board now....
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

Topics merged here,
Please do not cross post as it just makes it difficult for the staff who will, no doubt, pick it up tomorrow
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

Make it difficult for the staff?
Well at least mucked rhymes with what I was trying to get across in the title.....

If the staff wish to link this to my account, then here's the "closed questions within the last 7 days"...
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

Well, an update:...
Apparently, The reason given...
The OR engineer, didn't complete his final test using his laptop correctly, and it actually sent invalid data back to BT before leaving my premises... Thats a good laugh, considering that he didn't even have a laptop with him... <And I suspect they don't do that as part of an FTTC install - given it's not even mentioned on the PN install instructions>
He did however, do a phone called line test, and completed an enhanced line test using an order number (And my telephone number) which I heard complete correctly as it was on speakerphone.
I'd be interested to know if it's usual practice that the OR engineers do a test using a laptop.... From others who've had FTTC installed.....
As I've previously stated, I do not appreciate being told porkies (and if you are passing porkies on from your suppliers - you'd best take them in hand) I appreciate that you are somewhat at the whim of your suppliers - however, you are part of BT Group....

The current resolution now, is that PN have now placed another order for FTTC to be completed, which will require yet another engineer visit.... Apparently once the order has completed PN are going to place an expedite order on it, so that I have an engineer visit tommorow morning.....
If they do fair enough, i'll be duly surprised - I'm still not impressed about having to take another day off work, but even worse,  I've now got a four hour drive ahead of me as I'd arranged to do some work tommorow morning, which would have been completed using by broadband,  which will now have to be done today in person as I can't reliably guarantee that my line will be back up.
Told that if I want to complain, then I can complain using the online form etc... Here's a complaint, in writing, in digital format...
I think someone from the Forum Customer Care team had best pick the phone up and start talking compensation (Mand will do, she's a laugh if shes still about) - I've had a confirmed completed order, and PN (my supplier) are in breach of contract as that service has been terminated,  I think we can start talking about the 12month 1/2 price offer currently on the front page as a starter for ten...
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

I have booked the day off work for your engineer to visit as I was informed that it would be expedited and a visit would be made tommorow.
I was NOT informed earlier, that the "expedite" needed to go to an account manager at OR, who can't be contacted by any other method than email...... and that this account manager won't be at work until tommorow morning - and that an engineer visit isn't actually booked yet.
I've had no updates today by telephone after Matt's phone call this morning, other than the ones I've had to ring in for myself (at after 5pm, and then at 8.30pm) - and no emails other than the latest update placed by Sarah at 8.42pm that triggered an email.
That's not good enough (again)...
An OR engineer needs to be at my house tommorow - Or you will be hit with a bill for my time.. That's not cheap.
I think I'm already resigned to the fact that nobody will be here at 8am.... They'd best be here by 1pm at the latest...
I expect an update by 9.30am, or i'll be on the phone to yourselves - And trust me, I'm getting progressively more unhappy... Ofcom and Ian Livingstone is looking attractive...
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

No engineer Friday  Angry

I "lost the plot" at that point (I must apologise for Matt's ears - they took a rather large pasting)

Hopefully an engineer will be appearing this morning - on his booked appointment between 8am and 10am......

Strangely enough, whilst I'm sure the threats to create a fuss weren't ignored... I'm sure they really don't believe someone can or will do it  Cheesy
Lo and behold, hopefully there are a number of users who may have gotten problems solved now that I've supplied PN with a helpful direct telephone number at Openreach for one of their MD's offices  Grin

Despite the kicking given to PN, I'm now fully aware of the absolute PITA that BT's multiple wierd and wonderful companies, is to deal with for them.
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Re: FTTC Installed - Great 1st day.. 2nd day = Shame PN have mucked it up royally!

Hi there,
Thanks for your time on the phone and sorry this has been the nightmare it has - though as you say we have learned some very useful things during the process. Glad it's all sorted now, albeit later than we'd hoped - please let us know if there's anything further we can do for you.