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Extremely Slow Speeds 8-10pm and slow response from plusnet

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Registered: ‎20-08-2010

Extremely Slow Speeds 8-10pm and slow response from plusnet

Hello Plusnet,
I am not keen on posting support issues to a public forum (although moderate by yourselves) however I am getting more than a little frustrated by your handling of my call (ID: 34607130). (I suspect it is going into the too hard bucket)
The issue;
For over 2 weeks between 8-10pm the network slows to the speed where I cannot load web pages (presents me with problem even running speed tests most nights)
The Call;
This call has now been open for 10 days.
On every occasion it is dealt with by a different member of support staff. (no continuity or ownership)
I am asked the same questions over and over. ( I have now put the answers to these in the call log in the hope they will not be asked again, this would not exist with any continuity).
The same tests are repeated by yourselves with similar conclusions.
You have contacted Openreach but have not got to a conclusion and I continue to see the issue.
You have suggested sending an engineer out (at times when the problem doesn't happen) but have not responded to the ticket in 3 days. (common response time seems to be 48 hours)
The problem has only started in the last 2 weeks and is specifically peak times (8-10pm).
Please Please Please can you try and resolve this issue.....
Thank you.....
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Extremely Slow Speeds 8-10pm and slow response from plusnet

Hello edgeag,
We're sorry to see that this problem seems to have dragged on. I will take a look into this myself and take some ownership for you.
Unfortunately we aren't in a position to take ownership of every single fault case that is raised to us, however we do have a culture of taking ownership where we can in protracted cases like this.
I believe we might need to change this from culture to process and I'm sorry this hasn't happened for you so far.
I shall take another look at this one ASAP before coming back to you.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team