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Excellent first line support today

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Excellent first line support today

Ok - I wouldn't name names - Plus Net can look it up, but call 127804523 was handled in a superb way today.

My official job description says I should do 2nd and 3rd line support, but I often end up in the front line, so I know how easy it is to reach for the "script" and go through the TOTOA route (Turn Off, Turn On Again) and do the normal checks to see if the user is a muppet or not.  Failing that, to pass it on to 2nd & 3rd line. But todays call was handled by someone who knew what they were doing, took action and (as far as I could tell) resolve the issue all by themselves.  Even if they did call for help in the background, the fact that I, as the customer, was unaware of it is good service.


Many thanks


(although, on the downside, It would have been nice if the online logged call got higher priority and was dealt with like this when I logged it, not 24 hours later when I had to call)

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Re: Excellent first line support today

Good morning @Eserim,

Thanks a lot for the feedback, great to hear and I'll pass it on.

Generally we don't have multiple lines of support (I guess we sort of do if you split tech support and faults), which is why I'm glad it was sorted on the first touch.

Also noted for the turnaround time from when the problem was logged.


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