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Effect of Samknows on usage

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Effect of Samknows on usage

I just had a look at my usage history and this is the bad news note that Samknows was running for the whole period so they must now be doing a lot more tests or longer ones



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Re: Affect of Samknows on usage

I sent the SamKnows box back ages ago when they made changes such that the amount of traffic it generated could only be described as obscene!

We discussed this a while back:

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Re: Affect of Samknows on usage

I too sent my box back, they seem to have no technical ability or understanding what they doing to networks or peoples traffic. As far as I am concerned they are just another marketing company paid by Ofcom to provide bogus results and information.

I also got rid of my HH5, connected up an Openreach modem. and allowed ping response on the Netgear cable router I have been using since I first got fibre and realised HH's were rubbish for Wifi, and use the Thinkbroadband Quality monitor. It seems to give reasonable results, although a unlocked OR modem would give more.

That said, its probably about time I upgraded my router to take advantage of the higher WiFi speeds available these days.