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Do plusnet want to loose all their customers?

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Do plusnet want to loose all their customers?


I was a longstanding plusnet  customer  on their  FTTP  trial , due  to  plusnets  poor  billing system my  account  got  messed  up  , and I was  told  that the  only  way to fix it  was  to  start a  new account  , but  I would  loose  my  FTTP - result  I  had to  move away  from Plusnet 

at the  beginning of the  month  my  dad  passed away  , and  to  be  fair  to  plusnet , once I  sent  a  copy  of  the  death Certificate  , they set up a  new account  for  my  mum and   transferred  everything over - Must  say plusnet  dealt with the  home  phone  and  broadband  better  than any of  the  utility  company's 

Today whilst sorting  things  for  my  mum , I  noticed  that the  mobile phone  had  not  been moved  from my  dads  bank account  to my  mums  so phoned them to  make  sure  everything was ok

Explained  what  needed  doing , change account  to  my  mums  name  and  change  bank details  to  which they  replied  , you  cant  transfer  mobile accounts , you  have to  close  it  and  open a  new  one  in mums  name . 

Ok - can we  do that then - she  would  like  to  keep  the  same  number 

Sorry  we  cant  do that  , a  new  account  gets a new  number your dad  would  have to port the old  number  out  , set  up a  new account  , then port the  number  back in  

How  they  expect  someone who's  dead  to  make arrangements  to  port  a  number  I don't  know   , but  if  we  port the  number  to another company  , we  wont  be  going through the  hassle  of  moving it  twice - result  loss  of  business  for plusnet 

cant  work  out  how  a  company  can be  so  poor  on some  things  but  brilliant on others  , but  unless they  get  better   they  are  going to  loose  customers  hand  over  fist 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Do plusnet want to loose all their customers?

Thanks for your post @Steelman99

I'm sorry to hear about your loss and the issues caused

If you can drop me a PM with the mobile account details I'll see if there's anything we can do

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team