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Disgraceful Service - Why Can't Managers Ever Call?

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Disgraceful Service - Why Can't Managers Ever Call?

3 weeks and i have made 2 official complaints - never received a manager call and wasted hours trying to speak to an advisor who usually tells me I have to be transferred, likely queue is 50 mins, and the reason for this, they are too busy to go upstairs to the relevant department and liaise on my behalf.  Possibly this is acceptable if a general enquiry - however when they are serious complaints due to catalogue of errors (missed ticket for installation date, no resolution to act on promises to rectify the situation, no engineer on promised date and extremely unhelpful advice from advisors - someone please update your training soon as this really did exacerbate my problems.).
I cannot comprehend how bad this service has been - i want to leave  as soon as i can but i was told that this wasn't acceptable to request a call from the cancellation manager department so what shall I do? Who will rectify this? I cannot wait to leave and be treated with respect from a professional service - i have heard EE, virgin and BT are all far better.
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Re: Disgraceful Service - Why Can't Managers Ever Call?

Hi kspilbury
Firstly, I'm really sorry for the delay to your provision. I note that your account has been cancelled.
It looks like a member of our provisioning team sent your ticket to an unmanned pool, which left things stagnant. It's something that I have fed back on the agent for future, though I appreciate it's irrelevant to your situation now.
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