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Disconnected without warning!

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Disconnected without warning!

Dear PN Staff / Fellow customers,
Without warning at about 2pm this afternoon my internet connection dropped out, and after about an hour of frantic line tests and troubleshooting i relented and called the 0845# for PN CS. I was told that due to an issue between PN and my CCard provider over our September payment (which HAD left our account and as far as we could know had been processed correcly) my account had been frozen and as of thisafternoon, disconnected.
Untill this point i had not recieved notice from EITHER PARTY mentioning ANY sort of issue with that payment! (infact my CC statement showed payment leaving and being processed successfully!) So it was only my ADSL being cut off that brought the issue to my attention!!
Unless i am much mistaken, arent ISP's 'obligated' to attempt to contact a customer (on more than one occasion!) prior to disconnecting that customer??
I am now stuck with having repaid septembers payment (paid AGAIN just so i could get my internet back for today!) and being told by PN CS its now MY responsibility to send PS a credit card statement showing my september payment was paid ok (why should i have to pay to send PS one of MY CC statements, when surly their accounts department have more information on this payment than i do!)
If any PS staff would like to fill me in on why i was left without internet, without warning, due to a clerical error somewhere between PN accounts and my credit card company (over 1 single payment 3 or 4 months ago, and without attempting any sort of contact!!!) or any PN customers would like to throw in their 2p, id much appreciate it!
I have more to say, but ill hold my mouth untill i get some replies! hahaha
-one love
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Re: Disconnected without warning!

Hi there,
I believe you've already spoken to one of my colleagues regarding this?
Checking your account it appears that your bank recalled the payment from a few months ago, this caused the account to go into arrears and we therefore temporarily disabled it.
I'd suggest checking with your bank as to why they recalled the payment as this should show back in your bank account.
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 Chris Parr
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