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Deja vu - report a fault

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Deja vu - report a fault

Brought this up almost 2 years ago and again about 3 years before that.  The broadband fault script does not work if a speed or connection fault if you connection works at the time of reporting it.
Currently using the connection script and one test was to try with the router in the test socket, but it is always in the test socket, before and after the test question.
Thanks for confirming that your broadband works when connected to the test socket
This suggests there's something wrong with the internal wiring in your property or something plugged into the line.
To find the cause of the problem:

Then it closes the fault report ticket, times like these I really wish I had someone face to face to slap
FTTP 500 regrade from Tues 28th November
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Deja vu - report a fault

Hi Gus,
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I've had a look at your account and can see that the fault's been raised on Ticket: 90504513
Please await further updates on the ticket from our Faults team.