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DNS problem this morning?

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DNS problem this morning?

0800 this morning
Computer on standby overnight, router switched off.
Router switched on, connected all OK as per normal - all lights green
Unable to access internet or download email through outlook
Tried TRACERT - message returned that system was unable to resolve address.
rebooted computer - no change
Left to do something else...........
Returned 1215 hrs
Internet still not connecting - though all router's lights still green
Pefrormed reboot (switch off/on) of router
Router re-connected all OK and hey presto internet fully functional!
Curiously my virus checker was able to download its update during this period - presumably 'cos it has the internet address of the update server hard wired into it and does not need to resolve internet addresses
So my guess this was a Plusnet DNS problem. The above events sequence/solution has happened to me before
PS I'm interested rather than annoyed - it's not a geat issue for me personally - though it would be nice to know/have confirmed the reason.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: DNS problem this morning?

Hi x47c,
From our point of view we can't attribute this to anything specific I'm afraid as we've not seen any other reports of DNS problems from this morning. HoweverI can see that a reboot seemed to resolve this for you so if it does happen again reboot straight away and get in touch with us if that fails.
I realise this isn't the best advice we can offer in the event of you not being able to browse but I just wanted to make you aware of our service status page just in case you had not seen it before plus we do post on there in advance of any scheduled maintenance: Also you can add an RSS feed via the usertools site in case you find that more useful:
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team