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Customer support - credit where it's due

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Customer support - credit where it's due

I was a fairly long term Plusnet customer but left x number of years ago to go to BT as they had FTTC available before Plusnet. As I live very rural at the end of overhead lines the extra speed was useful. I left with regret at that time as due to lots of weather related line issues I was in fairly frequent contact with CS, they were always great at that time.


So I was really pleased to return to Plusnet 18 months ago, price was right and my at the time provider had offshore CS which is a struggle accent/language both ways.


So this week I've had a couple of issues. First we had a storm locally, internet on/off all evening and phone/internet kaput the following day. One call to CS on a Sunday morning, quick check by the CS guy determined the fault was on the line and it was a we'll take it from here response, target is to have it fixed within 3 days. It actually took 6 days but obviously that was BT and its contractors fix time which is no reflection on Plusnet. Actually BT were out within 2 days and the job needed quite a bit of work requiring traffic management and a cherry picker. So well done all round to Plusnet/BT/Openreach and their contractors. 


Then I had a billing issue, I'd agreed to contract extension at a discounted rate. When I got my bill notification I was unsure as to the time period it was for but thought it should have been at my new discounted rate. CS (Thanks Alice) picked up on a forum question and that has now been resolved with a refund initiated. All in all top service I'd say.


Then out of the blue I got a small parcel in the post this morning, a bar of chocolate to say sorry for the billing issue (Unnecessary but thanks again Alice) Like I say unnecessary as I was already feeling good about the overall Plusnet service.


I appreciate not everyone has such a good CS experience but thanks to everyone involved for sorting out my small issues this week.

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Re: Customer support - credit where it's due

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Re: Customer support - credit where it's due

Cheers for the feedback, I'm sorry you've had problems but I'm glad to see they resolved as best as we could given the circumstances. 

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