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Customer service

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Customer service

I'm in my 70s and have been a longterm broadband customer of Plusnet almost from its inception. I have been a Plusnet mobile customer only more recently. Has anyone else noticed a substantial decline in the quality of customer service as Plusnet has got bigger? My wife recently wanted to join Plusnet mobile but failed because of apparent tecnical problems at Plusnet. She ended up being told that her credit rating was a problem until the tecnical problems were admitted. Several phone calls later my wife was left with the impression that Plusnet and its staff simply couldn't have cared less. We got the impression that Plusnet is both ageist and discriminatory in its approach to concerns raised by older customers. Plusnet used to be very very good and now is not. It seems to have become too big to care. Shame on Plusnet for leaving my wife with the incorrect label of poor credit risk as a result of Plusnet's own problems!

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Re: Customer service

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Re: Customer service

I agree, many companies have now become "Millenials" centric and ageist.

I, too, am in my 70's another mobile provider, IdMobile, used the failed credit excuse. My credit report and history are faultless and there was no record of a credit search by them, so I challenged their rejection.

No, that wasn't the reason, I was eventually told. It was because I had been a previous customer and had the temerity to change provider. Of course they could offer a p.a.y.g. sim which would have been much more expensive - no thanks.

Looks to be a generic ,easy excuse they can provide.

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Re: Customer service

When I joined Plusnet back in 2014 it was on a recommendation and to be honest I was super impressed as everything went seamlessly. Sometime later I encountered an issue with my connection and on calling support I spoke to someone who back then actually appeared to care and took the time to listen to me and help, and within minutes the issue was resolved.

Roll on a few years and things are very, very different support now seems faceless and the timescales to fixes have increased by quite a factor. So why is this? For my money I am guessing that Plusnet’s expansion as not been matched by investment in physical resources be they human or electronic.

Having said that if I were asked to recommend them I’d do it without hesitation as the issues we see here are a tiny fraction of the real customer base, so they must be doing something right, most of the time.

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Re: Customer service

I would be reluctant to recommend almost any company to others.

There is so much competition between companies these days that what was provided years ago such as good and quick service is no longer available, this does not just apply to isp companies but services in general

There may be the odd instances where the elderly and I am one get a bad deal but in general irrespective of age if you have a problem with most companies you are virtually (CENSORED).

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Re: Customer service

Hi Officerwibble@


We're really sorry to hear that technical issues were encountered when attempting to get your wife set up with a sim card.


I can assure you that we don't operate an ageist nor discriminatory service as no business would succeed and receive any rewards for service if such practice was implemented. Nonetheless we're sorry you feel that way and should you require further assistance please let us know as we're more than happy to help.


Kind Regards