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Customer feedback survey link isn't working

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Customer feedback survey link isn't working

I spoke on the phone to the Plusnet customer service centre yesterday - just to seek information and clarification on alternative packages as I'm thinking of changing my product-choice.
The advice I got was accurate and helpful, and I'm happy to provide feedback saying so. 
Today I have received both a text on my mobile and an email inviting me to fill in a customer survey.  I'd be happy to do so.  But the link in both messages does not seem to work.  The link is .  But whether clicked directly or copied and pasted into my browser, it gives a 404 "page not found".
Just thought you might want to check on this.  I don't think it's a problem with my browser....
Once the survey is accessible I'm willing to fill it in.  And I'm still aiming to change my product package early in the new year.  Meanwhile, Season's Greetings to all at Plusnet (hope you are keeping the floods at bay....!)
Rgds - br1anstorm
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Re: Customer feedback survey link isn't working

Hi br1anstorm,
See this thread... they broke it in the recent web changes.,110137.0.html