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Customer Service?

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Customer Service?

I placed an order online to switch my existing fibre broadband and telephone line from BT to you on the 11th February, all seemed well - the cashback tracked and you took payment for £151.36 for advanced line rental and broadband. As part of this process I supplied my MAC address.  After waiting for over two weeks without a cutover date I raised a support ticket as the order status was stuck at 'Checking your line' .
A transcript from my support call is below;
7:04pm, Thursday 27 Feb 2014  - Me
I'm wondering when I'm going to get an activation date as I have now been waiting over two weeks since my order without any hint that the order is progressing. At this rate I will be paying BT for another months service which is costing me money....
2:10pm, Friday 28 Feb 2014 - Your support representative
Dear Jon,
Thank you for getting in touch,
Unfortunately, from looking into the account, I cannot find that an order has automatically been placed. Please accept my apologies for this issue.
What I have done is put this request through to our dedicated orders team, who will place the orders for your service. They will get back in touch with you as soon as possible, confirming exactly when we will be taking the service over.
Once again, please do accept my apologies for the delay.
Kind regards,
2:19pm, Friday 28 Feb 2014 - My response
I have two concerns with this now;
1. I have cashback for this order that has been tracked at £100 - is this now in jeopardy?
2. my MAC address is only valid until the 6 March
Can you please advise on whether the two points above are going to cause any issues?
I received no response to that so I posted again;
11:28am, Sunday 2 Mar 2014
So far my experience with Plusnet has not been positive, as far as I can tell my order is no further along (line checks?) and I have had no response to my previous post. At this point I am considering cancelling and going with an alternative provider.
And now we are at the 3rd of March and I have received no further communication from you.  My MAC address expires in 3 days which invariably means I will be paying BT for at least another month at their inflated out of contract rates - I specifically took the time to order early and avoid this.  I have checked my order status and it comes as little surprise that its still stuck on 'Checking your line'.
It is regrettable that I have to post in forums to try and get some semblance of customer service. I await, with interest, your response.
Jon Quinnell
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Customer Service?

Hi there,
Sorry first of all for the problems with your order and the delay so far in getting that sorted.
I'll be placing your migration today for you and will respond to ticket 81959874 shortly regarding the other questions you asked.
EDIT:  Just a quick update to say I've placed your order and I've updated your ticket.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team