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Customer Non-Services

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Customer Non-Services

AARRGGHH , Sorry PN i dont care much for things on the site saying how good customer services in Outer Mongolia (or wherever you have got them) are . In real terms they are NOT .3 times now i have tried to explain my sisters query to a non English person seemingly reading parrot fashion from a sheet going round in circles till i get so frustrated the phone gets slammed down , With bt you get a click and know they are transfering to a foreign call centre so u get the chance to hang up , maybe PN could have a message saying lines are busy we are transfering u to our external call centre so that we have the chance to hang up and try later . Foreign call centres WILL NEVER be better than ones in this country no matter how much spin is put out to the contrary  Cry  Angry Sad
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Hi there,
We've got customer services staff both here in Sheffield and out in Durban, South Africa.
What was it that you were trying to do?  If you let me know I'll happily help.