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Credit where it's due.

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Credit where it's due.

Credit where it's due.
I had reason to use the live chat twice this week I originally had planned to use the phone support but gave up at 20 mins on hold and because of the rotten music.
I eventually found the live chat option after trawling the site for assistance. The two staff I chatted with were great, understood my issues and helped with all my requests for info and line tests to help determine where my disconnection issues lay.
The chat option advised my place in the queue and advised i was getting closer to the front, something we all which and have been asking for to be implemented to the phone system.
All in the live chat  was effective and quick. I would ask two question of PN:
1. Can the live chat be made more obvious, though it may have been my error that I could not find it easily
2. Could PN possibly introduce extended or even 24/7 live chat option in place of the removal of 24/7 phone support. With live chat is it possible to provide a better service as an agent could be effectively be chatting with two or three customers at a time?
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Credit where it's due.

Hi podman and thanks a lot for the feedback.
The latter of thetwo suggestions you've mentioned are unlikely as chat is still a fairly new thing to us too but we may alter your ways into it depending on how things go. But thanks for mentioning anyway.
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