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Credit where credit is due

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Credit where credit is due

Reading through the various posts on this forum it was with some trepidation that I signed up to Plusnet fttc and Plusnet TV. There are many posts about non connection of phone and broadband, equipment not arriving and a host of problems.

In my case I did start to panic when my router was still not to hand and there were only four working days to switchover. A phone call to Plusnet Sales and the router was despatched that day. Plusnet staff on this forum assured me that it would have been sent out in due course though the chap on the phone did say that one part of two parts in the process had not been done. I shall never know!

In the event the phone was switched over in the middle of the night on the due date. I was a bit miffed that I had no internet for most of that day but I do realise that a change from copper to fibre isn't going to be instant. I'm happy to report that I got a text at around 7:00 p.m. that it was up and running and indeed it was. I jumped through all the appropriate hoops of the router instructions and after the "wait five minutes and make a cup of tea" everything was working.

I'm a bit out in the sticks and about 800m from the cabinet but my connection is 39993/9995 i.e. right at the top and since I upgraded my 85 Mb/s Homeplugs to AV600s I'm getting near enough the same at the business end.

The 4th January was the date and on the 6th I got a text that the Youview box was despatched and that arrived yesterday. I've fired it up and all is working perfectly. The only problem, which I had, was a remote clash with the Youview box and my existing Humax 2000T. Anyhow I soon found a solution to that as it is available on several forums (ask me if you have the problem and can't find the solution).

What more can I say? Here's a happy bunny. If I'm going to criticise then Plusnet, send your routers out earlier (I know from colleagues' experience that BT do). Phone your customer with updates or messages on the landline - sending emails is pointless when you haven't yet connected the broadband! However, all in all, a good experience.

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Re: Credit where credit is due

Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience.

I'm glad to hear things went through smoothly. Thumbs_Up

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Re: Credit where credit is due

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Re: Credit where credit is due

Hi JamesE, I am happy to hear that overall everything went pretty smoothly. As for the router I am sorry, our systems normally & automatically send out the router a few days before the activation date and I appreciate that on this occasion my colleague had to manually send it. - Tony