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Credit where credit due

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Credit where credit due

On another thread I moaned on about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing at PN. Since migrating from another ISP early July just about everything that's gone wrong has with the exception of the telephone line transfer.
Fortunately my complaint(s) were escalated inside PN and today fibre was installed exactly on time. My thanks to the individual who took the 'problem' under their wing - I won't mention names here in case they suddenly find their mailbox is overflowing. But again credit where credit is due and I have private mailed them.
As an aside - the fibre speed was not as expected - probably about 50% using the BT modem and PN supplied 2704 router. It did increase slightly but the engineer suggested leaving everything in place until the line had settled. Sorry, couldn't resist it but I unhooked the BT modem and 2704 router and went direct with my Billion 8800NL VDSL enabled router. Instantly the download speed doubled.
Now possibly leaving everything in place then the Billion speeds would have been attained eventually with the BT/PN combo. May be food for thought for anyone else looking to increase their speed if it's not what they are expecting.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Credit where credit due

Glad that we've turned things around for you Smiley
I've let the agent in question know.
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