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Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

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Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

May I make a plea that Plusnet make improvements to the process of correlating the BT BRAs profile and the Plusnet I/P profile; at the very least could such a process be dependably done at least every 12 hours?
I used to believe, from Plusnet comments, that the Plusnet i/p profile was synchronised with the BT profile twice a day, but recently I've seen comments that it is actually done once per day, and that the process sometimes fails to run properly.
But many times in the last 6 months I've observed that the Plusnet profile can lag behind the BT profile by 1, 2, 3 or more days, and have raised tickets - always actioned quickly - to have mine corrected.  The lag happens for both directions; when the BT profile falls, the P/N one can remain higher for days....and when the BT profile rises, the P/N one can equally lag behind for days. Sometimes, it does correlate within a day, but often not, and it seems a very undependable process.
Especially when one has waited for 3 days for the BT profile to correct itself after a short performance dip, it is very irksome to have to wait a further period of x days for the P/N profile to be put right.
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Re: Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

It's a bad implementation.
Plusnet only get notified of your profile when it changes.
If BT and or Plusnet miss this, your profile doesn't get updated.

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Re: Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

Having given due consideration to the fact that this is a very old topic, in my judgement, this is the right place to reply.

1. I have a static IP. 

2. I believe that Plusnet set their own profile on the connections of static IP customers. It is not automatically updated when the BTw bras profile changes. It is quite possible they may miss such changes. (I believe this once happened to me.)

3. Although it was recently possible to discover Plusnet's idea of my BTw bRas profile from some subpage of "my account", or some such place, this information is now nowhere to be found.

I appreciate it may be troublesome for Plusnet to make their Btw profile information accessible. I would be reassured if I thought that Plusnet would not miss changes to that profile, but would reliably update it in a timely fashion, automatically, and reliably.

To be as clear as I can, I have no complaint at the moment with what seems to be Plusnet's idea of my profile, at the moment.  It is just that I need some assurance that I do not have to waste time pointing this out to them, since they have deprived me of knowing *what their idea is*.


A static IP customer. And please enlighten me if my misgivings are groundless. I have only a crude understanding of  what you do for my 5 quid.

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Re: Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

It is evidently impossible for the Plusnet profile to be automatically updated reliably. This has not been possible for the past however many years so I can't imagine they're suddenly going to make it work now, especially when most of their customers connections don't use it. Perhaps they can sort out the static IP customers so they don't need a copy of the profile either. An alternative solution would be for them to book you dozens of Openreach visits until your line's so perfect that the speed and therefore the profile never changes - that could actually happen, whereas the profile updating reliably is simply not a possibility.

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