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Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

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Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

May I make a plea that Plusnet make improvements to the process of correlating the BT BRAs profile and the Plusnet I/P profile; at the very least could such a process be dependably done at least every 12 hours?
I used to believe, from Plusnet comments, that the Plusnet i/p profile was synchronised with the BT profile twice a day, but recently I've seen comments that it is actually done once per day, and that the process sometimes fails to run properly.
But many times in the last 6 months I've observed that the Plusnet profile can lag behind the BT profile by 1, 2, 3 or more days, and have raised tickets - always actioned quickly - to have mine corrected.  The lag happens for both directions; when the BT profile falls, the P/N one can remain higher for days....and when the BT profile rises, the P/N one can equally lag behind for days. Sometimes, it does correlate within a day, but often not, and it seems a very undependable process.
Especially when one has waited for 3 days for the BT profile to correct itself after a short performance dip, it is very irksome to have to wait a further period of x days for the P/N profile to be put right.
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Re: Correlate the BT BRAs and Plusnet I/P Profiles

It's a bad implementation.
Plusnet only get notified of your profile when it changes.
If BT and or Plusnet miss this, your profile doesn't get updated.