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Connection lost since Saturday morning

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Connection lost since Saturday morning

Upset to see all of the other posts on related topics.
I have had intermittent connection problems for a long time. Never solid and reproducible until now. I logged an original fault 7 days ago got an immediate response from the faults team.......
I was asked a series of questions which I answered on Saturday at 7:05 am and have not had a response yet.  On Satuday at approx 12:00 am the  ADSL status light went out on the ADSL router. It has stayed off since .......
I still await a response from the faults team .............
Sorry guys but this is not good enough -------- I have been a plusnet customer for a very long time - this is the worst 'service' I have seen.......  Sad Shocked
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Re: Connection lost since Saturday morning

Hi there,
I've replied to your post in another thread. We're looking at this now.