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Connection Email

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Connection Email

Yesterday my broadband service transferred to Plusnet from another ISP. All is well, but I struggle to understand the logic behind the communication process.
At about 8am my internet connection went down. I duly plugged in my Plusnet router but was unable to connect. Recalling reading that a welcome email would be sent giving connection instructions I used my mobile internet dongle to access my email but nothing had arrived. At that stage I had to leave the house.
Returning in the afternoon and having received an SMS in the meantime I tried again and connected almost immediately. I then checked my email and, lo and behold, an email from Plusnet timed at 10.57 appeared, giving detailed help and instructions on how to set up the connection. Happily I didn't need them but  wouldn't  it be more sensible to issue them the day prior to the transfer? The help and instructions are useless to anyone encountering connection problems who doesn't have other access to the internet.
Otherwise everything has gone exactly to plan, touch wood. I find it reassuring, refreshing even, that Plusnet are prepared to host a forum that includes "warts and all" postings from the disenchanted as well as satisfied clients. Many others wouldn't dare.
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Re: Connection Email

Hello and welcome to Plusnet and our Community Forums Cheesy
We rely on receiving notification from our suppliers that your order has completed, this will naturally be some time after the work has been performed on your line. We send the welcome emails out when your order completes because orders can be delayed at any time for any reason so we don't want to set a new customer's expectations incorrectly by promising an activation date.
Similar instructions are also included with the hardware that we send out, so internet access isn't always necessary to get online with us.