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Connected internet to Panasonic DMR-PWT635

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Connected internet to Panasonic DMR-PWT635

Hi, after many months of frustration I found this site and followed instructions from pwatson on how to connect my dvb recorder to plusnet router. I would like to say thank you very much pwatson.Panasonic wouldn't help after several emails. Plusnet: on my first contact by phone the it guy was very helpful but couldn't solve the problem and referred me to Panasonic who referred me back to PN. Next Plusnet :- contact was chat on line. Very laborius for a non keyboard profficient 65 yr old and the result was no solution to the problem. A friend helped but the connection failed after a couple of hours. So, delighted with this site sorting it out for me but why couldn't Plusnet do it on my 2 requests????
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Re: Connected internet to Panasonic DMR-PWT635

think it through  Huh
Is PN or any service provider able to train it's agents in all equipment its clients may want to connect to the internet - factor that by the number of things they may want to actually do.
But if it was a YouView box or a router which they do actually supply thats a different matter.
But Plusnet do provide these Fora and you should have been directed here not just found it  Smiley
And by the way I'm 66 and don't appreciate the inference that technical proficiency has anything to do with age  Angry
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