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Cold Call from 0114 307 3836

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Re: Cold Call from 0114 307 3836

@BD Correct me if I'm wrong here, but does GDPR not state that these boxes should be un-ticked by default?

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Re: Cold Call from 0114 307 3836

Yup!  Under GDPR the default should NoT be 'opt in'.


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Re: Cold Call from 0114 307 3836

@BD Thanks for investigating the issue. I appreciate the fact this was a difficult one to diagnose, but from my perspective it's very easy to consider Plusnet to be a single entity and not necessarily divided based on services.

Can you please elaborate why the box that prompted numerous cold calls for several weeks is ticked by default?


Please note, I have tried to purchase a Plusnet mobile SIM but have encountered numerous issues with the online payment system. I am not a Plusnet mobile customer as I can never get past the payment screen without encountering an error.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cold Call from 0114 307 3836


No problems there. With regards as to why it is ticked, I have passed this along so our teams can correct this ASAP.


I have replied on your other post in regards to the sing up issue.

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