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Chat service availability

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Chat service availability

There have been a lot of reports about the Chat service being UNavailable to residential users, even though there has been a lot of reassurance that residential users should NEVER see “unavailable”. After a lot of digging within the SU group, it has been identified that the ‘journey’ through the user portal to the chat service is an important consideration and that can result in the service being reported incorrectly as “unavailable”.

Access via “Help and Support” will always report UNAVAILABLE, whereas access via “Contact us” will report the correct status - available / busy / closed - but never unavailable to residential users.

Plusnet have a resolution to this planned for release later in the year. In the meantime, please attempt to access chat via “Contact Us” before reporting that the service is unavailable.

Mods - can you please make this topic sticky at the top of feedback?
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Re: Chat service availability

Moderator's note:

The ensuing discussion has been split off and remains locked.

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Re: Chat service availability

June 2018 update


Currently disabling 3rd Party Cookies will prevent chat working at all.

This is currently under investigation.

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