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Change to Another Supplier

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Change to Another Supplier

I signed up with plusnet over 2 yrs ago on one of their deals, £11pcm for 6months, on a 12 month contract or so i thought but it turned out to be an 18mth one!! For the 1st 6 months the Fibre optic internet speed was 'Throttled' as i was not getting anywhere near the 38mbs they said, their excuse was that i was too far away from the exchange, How far do you have to be? I can see the exchange from my bedroom window...100yards away! Now that I am out of contract, i lost both internet and phoine services for 2 weeks and several engineers later only to be told that your internet interference is connected to the street lighting??! [-Censored-] The street lighting hasnt moved in the last 100yrs neither has the house! I have been offered a new router only if i sign up with plusnet for another 18mths!! 

You should have to check your internet speed every day,  their adverts saying 'Reliable Broadband, Good Customer Service'  Unfortunately, neither are correct as the advisors are been told what to say as they won't get their bonuses! I have yet to speak to an honest Advisor!  i have even in the past ( by another Provider) that my mobile signal was lost due to the Satellite falling out of orbit and they had to re-boot the booster rockets to get it back up there!

I have yet to receive an apology or any compensation from Plusnet!

Well done Plusnet, you have just lost another customer!!

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Re: Change to Another Supplier

Looking at your account it appears that when we tested the line as part of the fault report in June we found the sync speeds were within the estimates and that the problem was likely caused by the wireless signal. My colleague provided some guides on how to improve the wifi connection but we didn't hear back from you and the fault timed out.


I am sorry you're having problems, however as the fault appears to be down to the wireless and we didn't receive any indication you were still experiencing problems, we wouldn't offer a refund or compensation. We're more than happy to try and resolve the problems you're experiencing though.

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Re: Change to Another Supplier

The fault is not with the router or any of the wireless adapters in the house as I have check the connection with a new router.  The fault is outside the Property either at the Exchange or the BT Cabinet.  

I phone yesterday regarding this and spoke to [CSA Removed].  He could be electrical interference from the Street Lighting....the Street lights have not moved in over 70yrs neither has the house! The Router has been in the same place for over 2 yrs,  if it was the 'Street Light' then why did I not get problems over the last 30mths?Huh

I was waiting for the guy to use the Classic Excuse that the Satellite had dropped out of Orbit and you are in the process of firing the Retro rockets to get it back into orbit!


You are showing adverts on TV about how great your customer service is,  is this reflected in the JD Power Survey as i am still waiting for a Manager Callback! Also i would like a refund for line rental and Broadband for the two weeks when I had no service at all.

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Re: Change to Another Supplier

@dontsignup wrote:

The fault is not with the router or any of the wireless adapters in the house as I have check the connection with a new router.  The fault is outside the Property either at the Exchange or the BT Cabinet.  

Could you clarify that? Which "connection" did you check and how? Changing the router will have little effect on problems not router related, so that change does not eliminate wireless problems. That is why wired test are "required" - they are (almost) immune to interference. If the fault remains, then it is highly likely an external problem (unless there has been a change to extension wiring etc), if not then the finger points at wireless.

If you cannot be bothered to do the requested checks, why should anyone try to help when there is no useful information provided?


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