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Change of Speed

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Registered: ‎18-09-2013

Change of Speed

Be warned
I Joined plus net as they were offering speeds far better that Sky, there initial est was 53meg but when I joined the speeds we only 46 meg but as it was an estimate I agreed to carry on.
I had a stable speed of 46 meg for 3 months and then on one day the speed dropped to 37.
Now a BT Openreach was booked to visited 3 times, (well the 3rd time he just called) and now they are saying that this is the best speed I could get.
No reason was ever given and Plus Net answer is
"Your speeds are currently running within acceptable limits and our suppliers do not consider your current speed to be a fault." acceptable limits are that they drop to 18 meg or below
and "As Fibre to the cabinet is a fairly new technology, there will be cases where the speed will fluctuate and estimates will be altered to reflect this"
They were kind enough the let me leave but before I go I thought I should warn people that no speeds above what is available on ADSL are guaranteed.
I am off back to Sky.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Change of Speed

Hi there,
Sorry about that. It's something we have seen happen before, and if we can't get a fault accepted then there's not a lot we can do unfortunately so we understand your decision (even though it is disappointing).
Thanks very much for your custom though, and hope your speeds do improve once you're back on Sky.