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This thread/topic is also in "Accounts and Billing" but i feel it should also be in 'Your Feedback" as it is relevant. My £50.00 cashback was from 05/july so three months ago!
For all the thread details see link:,142862.0.html
Below is a short summary of my experience,

I was told i will not be getting my £50.00 because i did not actually say to the plusnet agent the words "i want my £50.00 cashback" at the time of renewing my contract over the phone. It really is poor customer service, i telephoned plusnet at the time and asked for the latest offer they had online which i saw included the £50.00 cashback thinking that was it but apparently if you do not mention the £50.00 cashback you will not get it!!!!
It is an absolute rip off and disgrace.
I was even given the cashback code in my membership emails but plusnet have now turned me down and reneged on their promise  Angry
This was the email i received before being turned down,  it clearly shows i was entitled to it as it had been actioned???
Dear Mr Palmer,
Thanks for your enquiry, we are now escalating this ticket to the correct department for this to be actioned.
Please don't hesitate to contact us again regarding your account

Customer SID - *******
Promo code - 1516affcash4
Reason for escalation - Cashback redemption e-mail not received (10 days after activation)
KBMS process followed - Yes
Cashback tracker checked - Yes
Action required - Send customer the redemption e-mail (Customer not on cashback tracker)
Kind regards,
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Re: Cashback

locked in preference of existing topic.
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