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Cant find help contact unless i phone

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Cant find help contact unless i phone

Cant find help contact unless i phone and dont want to phone n talk to anyone or be put on hold for ages..... just wanted to email help but no option.... this is what i sent....
To Plusnet.

First of all the reason im leavin to a different broadband is...

The speeds are really slow....
Im paying for a much dearer contract than my friend next door and we get the same speeds,
He is only payin for basic broadband at £17 and im paying
£26 a month hoping it would be faster.
But fiber isnt even in our area so speed is slow
And have to stay really close to the router or it drops right down

Plus.... i never received my £75 reward card when i signed up or money through topcashback, when i asked about it i was told too late now and email probably went to spam folder so didnt see it,

So far the worst broadband for what im payinb to what i get, you should tell people no fibre in there area so they dont pay extra for speeds they cant get, my mobile data is better.

I dont think i should have to pay a cancellation fee as you havent stuck to your side with NO reward card, No topcashback and Rubbish Speed.

There is no fiber in our town which is ridiculous but you should tell people they cant get it before payin extra for nothing.
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Re: Cant find help contact unless i phone

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Re: Cant find help contact unless i phone

Hi there,

I'm really sorry to see this. What package are you on? If you've got a fibre package with us then it's more than likely you're on what's known as fibre to the cabinet (the green box in the road) which is still technically fibre over standard broadband. 

Regardless though if you can private message me your account username then I can take a closer look into this for you. 

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