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Cancelling new contract

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Cancelling new contract

My broadband was up for renewal lately so I did a uswitch search to get a deal. Found plusnet and signed up but during my cancellation period, my previous provider gave me a better deal and I agreed to it because they ad been good to me so far. We informed plusnet and as we'd not started being setup or been sent a hub/router I was expecting that to be the end of it (apart from, obviously, the refund of the 1st payment).

In reality, my experience has been almost as if plusnet are trying to muscle in on the competition regardless of my wishes. I've received daily notifications that I'm being setup on x date and my last provider is blocking it so I have to call them and tell them I want to be on plusnet.

I've told plusnet on countless occasions (phone, through ticketing system, even replying to texts) I want out and I'm within my cancellation period with plusnet so why continually attempt to hijack my connection?

It should be an easy account closure and I would go away and consider plusnet in the future but this experience is putting me off, if you need to pursue new custom this aggressively then who knows how you treat existing customers to retain them

Can someone please investigate and get this ugly situation sorted out? 

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Re: Cancelling new contract

Thanks for your post @cnaimhin and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry for the difficulties you're having. 

I've looked through this for you and I can see the orders we had placed with our suppliers are cancelled.

To cancel your account with us for a full refund of your initial payment, you'd need to call our cancellations team on 0800 013 2632, as I'm afraid we can't take cancellation requests via our Community Forums or a text message.

Appreciate you've said you've phoned us already, if you can tell me when this was, I'll be happy to listen to the call.

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