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Call centre comparisons - Microsoft Office 365

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Call centre comparisons - Microsoft Office 365

Having read many of the complaints on here about long waits on the phone, dreadful music, I thought I'd share my present (live) experience of waiting for Microsoft Office 365 24x7 tech support to answer the phone.
Placed a call 25+ minutes ago - sick of the dreadful 'lift' music - nothing you've ever heard anywhere else!  Distorted as though its passing through water and loud as well.  Sounds like short wave radio!
No announcements telling me that my call is important and saying sorry for the delay, no real indication if my call is actually queued for anyone to answer as opposed to just being stuck in a call management system.

Given that Office 365 on-line is predominantly a business service, one would hope that at this time of might, the support load is not that high. answered as I was finishing the above.  2 minutes conversation with the call agent - cannot help, needs to go to a different department... who will call me back sometime unspecified.  Fat chance I'll get this email service migrated tonight!

And how is that different to PlusNet you ask - well invariably when a PlusNet bod answers the phone they are usually able to fix the issue there an then ... unless its a provisioning issue!  Roll_eyes

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Call centre comparisons - Microsoft Office 365

It is sad when the best comparison we can make is that call waiting times are horrendous for both companies, but when you do finally get through PlusNet can often help.
I would guess that if you took a larger sample of calls to the MS helpline, you would get a more accurate view of how many people they actually help (which may be higher or lower than PlusNet), but based on a sample of one call, we probably will never know.
Certainly there are a lot of complaints on these forums lately about PlusNet customer service, and we do know that after waiting for chat, people are often told they have to call.
So comparisons with other companies aside, it appears PlusNet are doing a worse job with regards to customer service.