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Business Fibre Service Is Awesome! Great Speeds! Better Than BT!

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Business Fibre Service Is Awesome! Great Speeds! Better Than BT!

I decided to move from BT as I was sick of having to travel to London to their Newgate Street head office for a total of 16 times in 12 months as they were messing my service up and capping me and just couldn't be arsed looking at the problems for months. I don't want to sound racist here but BT's customer services people are mostly in foreign call centers who haven't got a clue what they were doing. At least with PlusNet, you can understand them and they do know what they are doing without having to repeat the same information to people 100+ times over to different advisors and being stuck on the phone for over 14 hours a day pulling your hair out getting absolutely nowhere! I was originally looking into a non-contract adsl package until fibre became available in my area. I managed to get a MAC code after having to force BT to hand one over through OFCOM as they kept refusing saying I was in a contract which wasn't the case. I signed up for the top ADSL package and unlimited phone calls no problem. 24 hours later I discovered my street cabinet had finally been enabled so I asked about changing my order to go to 76mbit Business Fibre connection as it was the only package available at the time and is perfect for my needs as doing game development as a hobby and playing games online as I use a LOT of bandwidth. So I managed to go ahead and I found out I could expedite my order to a 48-hour time frame instead of 2 weeks for a one off fee. Because of the way I was being treated by BT and was suffering having to use a mobile for a connection I thought Why not? I'd be glad to see the back of them. So I paid the fees. I was connected within a week of the cabinet being enabled and also found out I was the very first one to be connected on the street! Since that day apart from a couple of issues like an underlying D-side cable fault PlusNet identified that BT didn't for months and a minor miscalibration of the throughput which was resolved within 24 hours. Everything is working perfect! My fibre connection even far exceeded the estimate of 66/12. I did a recent speedtest here and got 73.03mbits download and 18.97mbits Upload with a latency of 10ms! Way faster than 3mbits download, 0.5 mbits upload for a 17.1 mbit line estimated speed which I should have had from BT who couldn't be bothered sorting their end out! I've been with plusnet for the past 6 months and have never been happier as a customer. I'm happy with their phone and most impressed with their fibre service! My connection had never ran soo fast! Being stuck in an BT only area without the option of virgin media fast broadband. I know I made the right choice of going to plusnet. I've been through almost every ISP in the past 10 years and none of them even compare to PlusNet in my personal experience. Best Provider Ever!
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Re: Business Fibre Service Is Awesome! Great Speeds! Better Than BT!

HI, Raidensnake,
I am very happy that your connection is running above your estimate, likely due to the fact you are the only one currently with fibre on your cabinet Smiley
Naturally I am unable to comment on the points you raise about BT though Smiley I have made our business team aware of your fantastic comments, this is a credit to the whole business department and I am glad you are happy with the level of service that we supply and the products we have on offer.
Remember, you can get money off if you refer other people to our service via our referral system.
Enjoy the fast speeds and again thank you for the great comments regarding our Business team.