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Bumpy disappointing start

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Bumpy disappointing start

Hi all,


I'll try and keep this short but felt the need to feed back to Plusnet how disappointing and rather underwhelming the whole process of joining them has been.

Recently joined Plusnet a few months ago after moving into a new property with my girlfriend. My parents had been with Plusnet for many years and I actually got them to switch to Plusnet in the first place. Had many years of great service, very good customer support who would always work things through with you and get any issues sorted. Speed and reliability had been great.


So I joined knowing how great Plusnet can (and has) been. Unfortunately my experience has not been so great.

Initially we signed up on the fibre package and were promised the first six months ( I think) free. Waited and waited and heard very little from Plusnet. I then chased the order up only to find out it hadn't actually 'gone through' the system correctly because there was no more fibre capacity at the exchange! No one had told me that, so marks down for lack of communication.

Resubmitted the order under ADSL and still kept the free months offer, and was told that as soon as there was availability for fibre at my exchange I would be notified. ADSL was activated (though only after having to post here on the forum to get it pushed along on the activation day).

Used ADSL for about a month and a half, not terrible, but we did start getting random disconnects and the sync speed was jumping about a fair bit. Initially put it down to the line training but then it got worse and we'd get maybe at least 6 disconnects a day. I got in touch with Plusnet who ran me through the usual line tests but found nothing wrong and just turned on interleaving, which stabilized the line only temporarily.

At this point I figured I'd try and upgrade to fibre...upgraded successfully online and my order was in the system, or so I thought. Waited and waited until the activation date came around and I heard nothing! Once again, for whatever reason, my order had failed to 'go through' on the system. Plusnet resubmitted and I got a genuine activation date.

At this point our ADSL had gotten so bad it was practically unusable, so I ran through the fault checker again and I could hear noise on the line when I plugged a telephone into the socket. In fact, every time I picked up the phone, it would cut off the broadband after a few seconds. Plusnet agreed this wasn't right, and arranged for an engineer to come visit (another pain since I couldn't get the time off work.).


Between the fault being raised and the engineer coming I was upgraded to fibre. At this point the fault seemed to stop. The engineer did replace some wires anyway and didn't charge me which was good of him.

FINALLY! It looked like after three or so months of back and forth between Plusnet and myself, I could enjoy the faster speeds of fibre...

Until I run a speed test, and another one...and another one. Only to discover that Plusnet have now capped their fibre upload speed at 2meg. 
I upload a lot of files to cloud storage and really needed that extra upload discover that all along, my upload would have been no better that ADSL2+ is a MASSIVE disappointment.
Perhaps I'm to blame for not checking those estimated speeds properly, but I always assume they're the minimum you can expect and the line will potentially sync better...I had no idea that Plusnet had an actual cap on the upload profile.

So, to summarise, wanted Plusnet fibre for the better download AND upload three months of inconvenience, and at the end of it still have a product I'm not terribly happy with....on top of that I'm now paying full whack for my broadband package since I missed out on the introductory pricing offer with all this messing around.

Totally, and utterly disappointed with Plusnet.
As soon as I can get out, I will be moving to another provider with better upload speeds.
Please consider bringing back the 40/10 line profiles.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Bumpy disappointing start


Hi Rory, following our conversation I have fixed your discounts and left a ticket on your account.


Thanks for your patience.

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 Harry Beesley
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Re: Bumpy disappointing start

Thanks Harry for helping make amends for the issues I had.