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Broadband Activation Delayed/Rejected!!!

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Broadband Activation Delayed/Rejected!!!

Hi there,
I started with plusnet on 17/04/2015 and placed a broadband order. The engineer visit has been scheduled on Mon 27/04/2015. All went well and phone line was acivated. One day after on 28/04/2015 I received a router and connected it straight away. Unfortunatelly the broadband is still not active and for some reason has been rejected. My ticket is still unanswered from 2 days and today I placed another one. No luck so far. Probably a technical team is dealing with it but there is no result at all.
Is anyone who can give me more details on this matter,
Otherwise I will give up and cancel the agreement with Plusnet as a very unsatisfied customer that leaves a negative feedback.
Hope there is someone who can help.
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Re: Broadband Activation Delayed/Rejected!!!

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