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Biiling issues when renewing the contract

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Biiling issues when renewing the contract

When I renewed my contact in November 18 I was promised a discount . When I checked my account in January no bills were being generated and when I checked the last e mail I had from Plusnet I discovered the discount I had been offered over the phone had not been applied.
After months of having messages saying thanks for your patience and we are working hard to resolve the issue, no resolution was offered. None of the messages offered me the reassurance of only being billed for the last 3 months. I even queried this with Plusnet and was told that each account was dealt with fairly and equally
In April I contacted the obudsman service who came to a decision on the 17 th of May. Plusnet raised an issue with the obudsman service regarding the decision but failed to contact me the customer. Last weekend when I yet again messaged Plusnet about the complaint they told me the obudsman had not been in contact and said no decision had been made. This is not true as a decision was made but Plusnet raised an issue. So I contacted the obudsman service last Sunday who issued a final decision on Monday but Plusnet have still not contacted me and when I checked my account the issue is just on hold until the 17th of June. I writing this to warn existing customers about being trapped , as I have been into long contracts with no option of cancelling but being offered no clarity as to your complaint and being told to be patient and this even after the obudsman has stated on the 17 may that Plusnet should apologise for the poor customer service I have received.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Biiling issues when renewing the contract

Hi @HJ19


I'm sorry to hear of the experience you've had which has lead to you taking your complaint to the ombudsman.

If a final decision was sent over to us at the start of this week, we would still be within the 14 working day lead time to update the case and provide a response.
Your complaint case handler should update you within this timeframe.

Thank you for your patience