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Big thank you

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Big thank you

I am not sure if I am allowed to name Plusnet staff so mods feel free to edit.
I decided to move from Sky to +net on 29/1/2016.
I heard nothing until today (15/2/2016) when I had a "chat" online with [removed]
chat id: 4315199938.
Had chat, Sorted in a few minutes.
Despite reviews from posts here, AT THE MOMENT i CAN ONLY GIVE A BIG THUMBS UP.
I was told exactly what was happening with my order and had emails to confirm what was said.
I just thought with all the negitive comments it only fair to post a positive comment.
A big +++++ to Ryan.
Thank you.
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Big thank you

I'll pass the thanks on internally, thank you for posting it Smiley
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