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Been charged for a service I don't have!

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Been charged for a service I don't have!

At the moment I have a complaint in regarding the day I waited in for the BT engineer to turn up for the installation of fibre and he didn't show. And the reason he didn't show was not because he was running late, it was because plusnet hadn't sorted out the order correctly so I was waiting for someone to turn up who had no idea he was supposed to he here, despite the booking time slot. Has anyone else experienced this?
I was furious, I had wasted my time off work and no one at plusnet was willing to tell me the truth or even look into it until after 6pm. After that I was told that I wouldn't be charged for fibre until I had it. Well guess what? WRONG! The full funds came out of my account 2 days ago, so I paid for my current BB and Phone on the 10/06/15 and then I paid for the service I don't yet have on 16/06/16. Has anyone else experienced this level of incompetence?
The thing is I was always a big fan, I was telling people they were great! Seems like I was wrong...
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Been charged for a service I don't have!

Hi Sadie,
Sorry to see that the package switched early. I'll make sure that you are refunded for the difference in the package change for you once we can confirm that your fibre is up and running. I have raised an internal ticket to ensure that this is done.
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