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BT Openreach (so-called) Engineer

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BT Openreach (so-called) Engineer

Got fibre broadband installed yesterday, but didn't rate the "engineer".  After carrying out the normal steps, the broadband didn't work, and it became clear that he hadn't a clue what to do about it.  He immediately accused me of "having a split on the line", which (being an Electronic Engineer myself) I had to deny countless times before he believed me.  He then spent an hour pointlessly dismantling and uneccessarily disturbing the connection point outside the house whilst refusing to explain what he hoped to achieve by it.  Eventually (I think more because he was getting cold out there rather than through any real inspiration) he went away down the road, and came back happier, muttering about "human error at the cabinet".  After that things went much better, and we got everything working.
My favourite moment was when I asked him (whilst he was fumbling around with the wires in the Master Socket) if I could look at the modem he'd brought in but not yet unpacked.  He told me that it wasn't a modem; just "the box that connects from the phone line to the modem that PlusNet supply".  I had to explain that PlusNet supply the Router, and that he did indeed have the modem.
A total of 2.5 hours lost, when I should have been working.  Still, with the improved network speed, I'm sure I'll soon catch up  Wink
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Openreach (so-called) Engineer

I Thanks for the feedback, sounds like they completed the job correctly in the end though to be fair.
Let me know if you do have any issues though.
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