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Awful service not delivering

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Awful service not delivering

Since joining Plusnet at the end of August 2018 I have experienced a number of issues with my service not only being appaling and slow but the router resetting itself a handful of times and in doing so changing the password.

I was assured by a member of the plusnet team that I should not have a slower speed than 4.5 Mbps however regularly (when doing speed tests) I would have a speed under 2.5 Mbps. Tonight I have done 4 speed tests both before and after the router resetting itself and all 4 of these are under 2 Mbps. THE SERVICE IS GETTING WORSE!!!

I am unable to get though to anyone about it and when I have said about the slow speed, I was told it's down to busy times. I get when it's busier it is slower but it is getting ridiculous now. I am paying for a service which is not being delivered. If I was told speeds of 2.5 Mbps at busy periods would be the norm then I wouldn't be so irritated and angry at being ripped off, but I was told almost double that would be the GARUNTEED MINIMUM.

If anyone is in a similar situation or knows how to fix it (I have tried a WiFi booster and it makes no difference - another waste of money) that would be great.

Hopefully someone at plusnet will see this and be able to sort the issue, or at least make sure the like isn't being choaked to get me to upgrade as I'm on the top one as far as I am aware. But under 3 months and all these issues that I am having is making me want to just cancel payments and move elsewhere. Sod the termination cost as what I signed up for is not being provided
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Re: Awful service not delivering

Check your speed in test socket inside the Openreach master socket; PN can't guarantee a wifi speed

as there as so many variables involved.

For contact try CHAT, but turn off any browser pop up blocker first for PN sites.

From that socket also check the BT Wholesale speed for your line from link below.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Awful service not delivering

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to post about this, I'll make sure we get you sorted. 


I've just been running diagnostic checks on the service and we're not seeing any obvious issues or faults being flagged up so I'm wondering if the issue is specific to WiFi. 


Don't worry if it is we won't leave you to try and fix this on your own as both staffers like myself and the community will have advice and knowledge to pass on and help to offer. 


So we can be sure of this being specific to WiFi it would be really helpful if you can run some speed tests whilst connected to the router with a network cable (such as the one we would have provided with your router) this totally takes WiFi out of the equation. 


Please keep us posted and we'll continue to follow things up with you. 

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