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Awful customer service

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Awful customer service

I don't know why you have made it so difficult for people with hearing difficulties, no phone or other personal issues to contact you. The live chat is never available. I tried all the options regarding ad blockers which shouldn't be an issue in the first place as it isn't with any other broadband. Not to mention people who aren't good with technology would find this super hard to figure out how to do. It even took me a while just for it not to work. Had to download twitter which again, a lot of people won't have or know how to work, to then still not get a reply on Twitter or Facebook messenger for ages. Last time I contacted via Twitter, it took a week to get a response, but luckily my issue wasn't urgent. This time I need to get a quick response and I don't see that happening. I can't wait until my contract is up. Thought I'd say this on here since you seem to be able to reply here quicker than other contact points. I won't hold my breath. I'll probably be cut off before getting help as my bill can't be paid.
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Re: Awful customer service

These issues have been raised many times by users but no one at PN has ever responded to these problems, as said by others PN is cheaper than most ISP’s if all goes well you save money, if you have problems they are unlikely to be sorted anytime fast.

This was a top company which has withdrawn a number of previous services over the years, no doubt to keep profits at a good level.

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