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Are PlusNet & OpenReach more incompetent than the old BT?

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Are PlusNet & OpenReach more incompetent than the old BT?

I am old enough to remember the day before privatisation when a new phone line took between one and three months to be installed.  PlusNet & Open Reach are equally incompetent today.  I have been a PlusNet customer for 14 years and used to recommend them on the basis of the excellent support.  Not any longer; 81 days after giving the instruction and 26 after moving in On June 13, 2016, I notified PlusNet of a planned house move to a newly built house on July 14, 31 days later.

Things went wrong at once, our landline was cut off and I was told the line had already been moved to the new house.  Impossible as there was no line into the house let alone a socket.  It took some time for me to convince PlusNet of this but eventually, an engineer and cherry picker came and fitted the line and socket in mid-July.  The engineer assured me it was a good fibre connection.

Delays to the house completion and a holiday meant we did not get in till August 7; the phone still worked but no broadband (day 55).  I reported this but due to confusion an Open Reach engineer could not come till August 24 (day 72).  He reported that PlusNet had not ordered any broadband installation at the house.

August 25 (day 73) PlusNet confirm they have placed an incorrect order, which would have to be cancelled first – taking at least 5 working days.  Then a new order could be placed. 

So 81 days after placing the order and nearly a month after moving in, we still have no internet, no date for completion, no explanation as to why things went wrong, no refund or mobile data charges offered nor an apology for incompetent service.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Are PlusNet & OpenReach more incompetent than the old BT?

Hi there,


I'm sorry to see things have taken so long to arrange first of all.


Having taken a look at your account I can see the reason for the majority of the delay as per what's been noted on ticket 132404073.


I can however see that an order is in progress to activate broadband and that this is due to complete on 12/9/16.


We do recognise that it's only right that we make a gesture to give something back in return in light of these issues. We don't cover any costs directly incurred such as mobile data but I have updated ticket 133108851 for your attention detailing the offer of a good will gesture.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team