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Appalling service cannot get through to PN

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Registered: ‎10-09-2016

Appalling service cannot get through to PN

I have never seen such poor customer service --- ever.

I wanted to upgrade my account - yep I wanted to spend more with PN; a position that most vendors see as a positive situation all I need to do is make a phone call.....

I've been trying to contact PN for over 6 days and today took the biscuit

For the last 6 days usual phone wait - 30 minutes but actually none made it within 60 minutes and all cut off

Tried chat today start at no 3 in Que then go to 4 then 5 then 4 then 5 then 3 and after 45 minutes 2 then 3


I'll cut of the payment (after all they want me to pay more for an upgrade than a new customer would get) then see if they get interested

No respect to PN - you do not "do you proud"

Update - got through on the phone after 6 hours and guess what - existing customers are required to pay about £126 MORE for the same product than new customers because "they are new customers".

Well PN - I can get the same service for £100 less so £226 says that I should be looking elsewhere