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Anti-customer cancellation policies

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Anti-customer cancellation policies

I was pretty disappointed to read this article about Plusnet's cancellation policies.

Plusnet when you sign up, Plustel when you cancel


Does Plusnet plan to review its policies? Do you care about accessibility for people with disabilities?

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Re: Anti-customer cancellation policies


Having just read a fair bit of the linked article, ISTM that it's mainly a whinge about not being able to cancel a PlusNet Internet account via online means, comparing the ability to do so with water gas and electricity etc. accounts.

In fairness, how many other ISPs allow you to do that without some other form of communication being required at some stage of the cancellation process, either to initiate or confirm the request?


Although I didn't go into it in depth, I just Googled cancelling via online means a connection from BT, Sky, and Zen, and a quick look at those few seems to indicate they require at least some other form of communication to be used.