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An appalling start...

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An appalling start...

I placed an order on 8th Sept for a new telephone and internet service at a property I was to move into on 20 Sept.  I was disappointed that I couldn't get an engineer's appointment to connect the line until 30th Sept, but accepted I would have to live with that. 
On phoning Plusnet on 30th Sept to see where the engineer had got to, I was told that due to an error within Plusnet my order hadn't been processed, so nobody would be coming.  I now learn that I am back at square one, waiting to get an engineer's appointment, which on past form will be three weeks away.  I was initially told Plusnet would expedite matters, but then told that actually they couldn't do that.  And further, that before I can even get a new appointment for the engineer to install the service, I need to wait for a survey, and Plusnet can't tell me when that will take place. 
We are therefore left with no phone, no internet, and can't even order Sky.  I have no idea when the engineer will come, or when I can hope to get the service that should have been installed yesterday.  I was with Orange at my old place and moved to Plusnet because of their generally better reputation, but this is just appalling. 
Any suggestions of what I can do short of going back to Orange would be welcomed.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: An appalling start...

Really sorry about this. Having checked the order I can see it's with our suppliers at the moment, until the planned route for the line has been done. Once that's sorted we should get appointment dates, and we'll certainly keep chasing it for you but I believe any provider would have the same issue as there's no line currently present.
We'll keep chasing as I said and will update you as soon as we have any more information on the order, and once again really sorry for how this has started out. We'll do our best to make sure things improve.