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Amazon Vouchers never arrived

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Amazon Vouchers never arrived

Hello.  Has anyone had a similar experience.  I signed up for phone and broadband for a discounted rate and Amazon Vouchers which I have never received.  A few months ago I posted a question asking when I would receive them and they told me there was a delay in getting them out.  Six month on I asked them again and now they want evidence of which site I applied through before they will investigate any further.  The problem is that I can't remember which site I went through.  However, Plusnet must have some record of where my application was made.
Has anyone had a similar experience and can you tell me how I can resolve this?
To the moderator, please don't remove this message again as I relise that it was originally posted in the wrong Forum (aacounts and billing) You can delete that one.
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Re: Amazon Vouchers never arrived

Account and billing is the correct forum - This thread is locked