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Am I the only plusnet messes about?

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Am I the only plusnet messes about?

I definately do think plusnet are incompetent, however they seem to be pretty bad. 

I took out a new connection (internet/phone line) some months ago and have had many problems. The first was regarding installing my line. I was given a time slot for the installation of my line and as per time slot, waited at the property for no one to turn up. Luckily there was a BT engineer calling to my neighbours address for another job where I enquired on when my line would be worked on. This man was very helpful and called his office to see if he could do my job, but was told that my job was cancelled by Plusnet. However despite the cancellation of the installation, Plusnet did not tell me and despite having messed up, they where unwilling to help and delayed the installation for a week or so. 

Second incident entailed Plusnet randomly seizing my connection and offered no reason for it! Another week I had to wait for them to do anything.

They really do not seem to care about me in this situation. Do you feel the same? 

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Re: Am I the only plusnet messes about?

 Go and have read of this

Plusnet are not my favourite company